About me

About me

Moving my own body and feeling it has always been a need in my life. Physical activity was important to me even as a child. I always wanted to explore and expand my own limits.

“To discover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and then have the courage to exceed them.”

Among other things, I enjoyed ballet, swimming, climbing and long-distance running.

Yoga has been a part of my life for a long time. I discovered Bhakti Yoga when I was 16, and three years later I started practicing asanas.
For me, yoga is more than just bodywork. It is much more of a holistic approach to life that includes physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation. This gives me deep access to my inner self. This is how healing and development can happen.

That’s why I quit my job at a designer furniture manufacturer in 2013 and started over. I started to turn my passion into a career.
In 2014 I studied sports science and after 3 years of practical and theoretical training I acquired the fitness trainer license A and B as well as the personal trainer license.
This was followed by several yoga teacher training courses to become a 1400 h+ advanced yoga and meditation teacher with certification from the Yoga Alliance USA. As well as several training courses in traditional Thai yoga massage, a Women’s Circle Faciliator training and a Breath Work Faciliator training.
I also have a Movement Professional and a Blackroll Trainer license, a DAV climbing certificate and have completed training as a CMAS** diver.

For several years I have been working as a freelance yoga teacher, personal trainer and group functional trainer  and I organize my own workshops and retreats. My experience also includes working as a mentor in various basic and advanced yoga teacher training courses.

My own daily practice is my heart’s work. I can only teach what I feel myself. My practice is influenced by various national and international teachers with whom I practice regularly in order to constantly deepen my own practice.

My yoga style is a mixture of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga combined with Pranayama and meditation. Each class or training is characterized by a creative, playful, intensive and loving approach to the body, which is rounded off with practical help and ends in deep relaxation to recharge the body and mind.

An overview of all yoga classes in various yoga studios in Munich and an overview of online yoga courses can be found under Classes.

Stine Matthes

Yoga teacher , personal trainer, functional trainer, Thai yoga massage therapist , women’s circle facilitator, breath work facilitator in Munich